Data is critical – you already know that.

Barefoot ANALYTICS takes your data and visualizes results in real time. With a few clicks, you can assess demographics, gift size, donation history and much more.

Barefoot ANALYTICS is designed for:


The online dashboard gives leaders a quick view of current activities. It is easy to see your success visually. By scrolling down, you will quickly see how your fundraising or marketing is performing.


Development Officers working with Major Donors

Major donor reps can discover high-value donors with a click of their smartphone. Each donor description includes addresses (mapped on Google), donor history, key information and notes. With no fuss, development leaders can add comments and note unique features of their high-value donors.


Fundraisers and marketing leaders

When you set your annual strategy on Barefoot ANALYTICS you can track your success in real time. Each campaign includes a description of goals and the ability to add the creative used. Results are shown in context to your goals.

The easy-to-use dashboards gives you the power to ask questions, review activity and analyze campaigns easily – because all the information is stored on this one online tool.


Barefoot ANALYTICS can be purchased as a package or customized for your specific needs.

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