Barefoot PAY came out of our frustration with payment processes that took you to a third party site, required long and tedious forms or refused to allow multiple payment options.

Few non-profits have a simple payment process. Non-profits that excel empower their donors to make a special gift, a gift in memory of someone, choose a gift from a catalog, choose a product and a gift, or choose to give recurring gifts. Our clients need a robust system, making sure every donation opportunity is easy, secure and user-friendly.

Building on these needs, we created Barefoot PAY.

Barefoot PAY includes these features.

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Multiple gifts

Donors can combine general donations, specific projects, and product purchases, all in the same transaction.

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Donors receive an immediate email receipt – automatically.

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Highly Integrate-able

Donor information can be transferred to your CRM or financial software – with absolutely no hassle.

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Safe & Secure

Barefoot PAY is secure and reliable.

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Easy Administration

Barefoot PAY updates renewed credit cards automatically – you do not have to call donors when their credit card expires.

Barefoot PAY can be linked to Barefoot ANALYTICS to give you a quick and easy tool to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. This is extremely important in integrated campaigns – helping you evaluate success.

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