Barefoot WEB

Design and content made easy!

We all KNOW we need an engaging website – but why is it so hard?
Barefoot wanted to know.

We asked our clients.
We asked our competitors.
We asked our vendors. 

Our conclusion? Traditional content management systems start with the design template... what if the content manager did not limit your design capacity? What if the content management system could apply any design template without affecting the actual content management capacity?

We answered these questions and...

Barefoot WEB was born...

  • Managing content in an easy-to-understand system is core to online engagement.
  • Keeping up a website should not require a software engineer. In fact, the best website managers are fundraisers, marketers and, well, content developers.
  • Smart organization of content keeps your website active and up-to-date.
  • Adding campaigns that are tracked to integrated activities transforms your donor and customer relationship. 

Barefoot WEB

Gives you ultimate control

  • Photos, videos, audio, blogs, news releases, newsletters and feature call-outs are easy to add, edit and archive.
  • Social media integration with a simple click.
  • Permission hierarchy allows you to control who adds content and who approves it. This opens the door to collaboration.

Works for you

  • Barefoot WEB maximizes the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Landing pages are quick and easy to set up.
  • When integrated with Barefoot PAY, online sales are easily tracked and payment forms can be modified to ensure a user-friendly environment.
  • Social media integrates without any hassle.
  • Photo galleries and video promotions are added with a click.
  • Multilingual – no problem.

Grows with you

  • Barefoot's annual subscription model ensures you stay up-to-date with changes to web browsers and online environments – your website never grows old.
  • You can change brand assets quickly, often with just a few clicks to update the design of your website without incorporating a new content management system.

Is tested and tried.

  • While we launched the public software package in 2018, Barefoot WEB has been in active use for more than 5 years.

Barefoot WEB is well suited for websites of any size... from simple brochure websites, to complex integrated solutions. We recommend a custom Barefoot WEB solution for organizations who are looking for a complete agency solution -- from strategy to wireframes to customized content management. 

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