Barefoot DIGITAL

Introducing a suite of 4 new online tools

The growth of the online channel is accelerating – you need a software product you can trust AND one that can grow with you... I'm excited to tell you we have launched a software package that will make your work easiermore reliable and secure.

Barefoot DIGITAL – including Barefoot WEB, PAY, ANALYTICS and PROJECT is easy to use, simplifies design changes and grows with you!


Barefoot WEB

Design and content made easy!

In 2007, Barefoot Creative made a huge commitment – to support our clients with digital innovation. Since then, we have worked with many clients to help them build a digital experience that equipped them to engage with their donors.

Today we have launched Barefoot WEB, a content management system optimized for non-technical users. Barefoot WEB makes it easy to change content – event design elements – at the click of your mouse.

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Barefoot PAY

Streamline your Donation Process

Barefoot PAY was developed out of the need of a brand-centric experience that had few interruptions – our goal? For donors to experience the same payment process as Amazon or iTunes.

Designed to integrate with your financial software, Barefoot PAY makes the donation process easy – for the donor and for you.

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Data is critical – you already know that.

But we also know it’s frustrating to run complex algorithms to extract the data you need.

Barefoot ANALYTICS is a development tool focused on two critical issues:

  1. Tracking your data: response rates, new donors, lapsed donors and campaign monitoring. Your dashboard produces a high level, visual analysis for you.
  2. Equipping your development team with the data they need to build long-term relationships. All the information they need, including the ability to update contacts and make notes, is available on their smart phone. Imagine – your team is able to bring up the donor they are visiting, see their donor history and read the notes from past visits… on their smart phone.

There’s a lot more to Barefoot ANALYTICS.

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Barefoot PROJECT

Project Management simplified

Barefoot PROJECT makes project management easy and is designed to streamline the workflow within your team.

Your team can collaborate around projects with ease and create tasks to ensure your projects are done on time.  For projects or programs that include price points, the financial tool helps build a cost structure in line with your organization's goal. 


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